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Companies are constantly developing new aesthetic treatments to help people look better.

Sometimes they’re an improvement on what was possible before.

They’re very rarely ground-breaking.

But the treatment I’m about to tell you about is absolutely revolutionary.

Every aesthetic doctor I know has been buzzing about it for months – it is quite literally the most anticipated new treatment of 2021.

And I’m extremely proud that Parfaire is one of just a tiny handful of practices to be able to offer it to you right now, because we’ve been selected as one of the launch clinics.

The treatment I’m talking about is a solution for women with cellulite, particularly in the buttocks area.

This has always been one of the hardest conditions to treat, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment…

But the result is that until now, women have had very few options if they felt self-conscious about the dimples in their skin.

If you’re among them, you might have given up wearing shorts or bikinis. Or perhaps you got used to spending most of your time by the pool worrying about covering up – instead of enjoying yourself.

Patients tell me the whole time how much they resent this, and how they wish they could just make their cellulite disappear so they don’t have to think about it anymore.

Now scientists have FINALLY found a way to dissolve the bands deep in your skin which cause cellulite.

Qwo, which just received its FDA approval, makes treating cellulite simpler than ever before.

Unlike previous treatments you might have read about or tried, it doesn’t require you to come into clinic 8-10 times…

It isn’t painful…

And there’s virtually no recovery time.

Yet Qwo dramatically reduces your cellulite – producing an improvement of at least two grades. (That’s an official measurement, and it’s enough to make dimply, puckered skin very visibly smoother.)

Take a look at this 52-year-old lady with noticeable cellulite:

Yet here’s the same lady, with those dimples virtually gone:

The best part? This transformation took just 2.5 months. If you start now, you could banish your own cellulite by June 😊

To explain why this treatment is so powerful, you need to understand how cellulite is created…

Imagine a fisherman’s net spreading under the surface of your skin… Except it’s not made up of nylon but of fibrous bands.

Underneath that “net”, you have fat cells.

Sometimes those fat cells push upwards, against the dermis. But when that happens, they get caught up in the net, and protrude unevenly against your skin.

That’s when your skin starts looking lumpy, like cottage cheese – we call this “cellulite”.

One way to solve this is to remove the fat with liposuction, but that’s very invasive and not for most people.

Another approach is to get rid of the fibrous net, but until Qwo, no one had really figured out how to do this easily.

You could cut the bands, but it took a big needle which could leave scars and required long recovery. Or you could slice through it with a laser, but there were many side effects and again, a long recovery.

With Qwo, we inject a natural enzyme directly into the dimples, which dissolves the fibrous bands.

The needle we use is teeny-tiny, so it isn’t painful – you won’t even need numbing. And there’s no recovery time, although bruising is common so you definitely don’t want to go swimming straight afterwards.

We repeat the process three times over several weeks…

…And as the nets that “trap” your fat cells disappear, the fat lobules spread out more evenly, making your skin look smoother.

The process also triggers the production of new collagen, which makes your skin thicker.

Then it’s bye bye cellulite 😊

>>> Sounds great! Book my Qwo consultation right now <<<

Like I said, all my peers are very excited about this life-changing treatment. It’s rolling out widely later this year, so you’re going to be hearing a lot about it everywhere, very soon.

But for now, we’re one of a very small number of clinics nationwide able to offer Qwo.

And I’m really excited about that. So if you’re sick and tired of your cellulite and want to get rid of it before this summer (without waiting, like the rest of the country!), I want to put my hand out to you with a special introductory offer.

The normal investment for a course of Qwo treatments starts at $2,999.

But if you go ahead with a treatment in April, you’ll enjoy a significant saving of $300…

…Just as long as you book your consultation with me by Thursday, April 15.

>>> I’m ready to eliminate my cellulite! Book my consultation now <<<

Or just hit reply to this email.

Here’s to smoother skin –


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