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Parfaire Perfection Program

Are you looking for skin care that is customized just for you? Our American Board Certified Physician, Dr. Winnie Moses, has developed her own signature cosmetic treatment program called Parfaire Perfection, featuring a complete facial assessment process and total rejuvenation treatment plan that is unavailable anywhere else. This one-of-a-kind service offers short and long term treatment plans designed specifically for you to achieve all of your cosmetic goals, without painful and expensive surgery.


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Parfaire Perfection Program After
Parfaire Perfection Program
*Individual results will vary.

“This place is the place if you are looking for the latest and the greatest in medical treatment in beautification and perfect skin …using the latest technology invented in Israel…plus when you walk in you feel like a princess what could be better than getting royal care in your skin care…”*

-Tilly L.

Using a unique combination of treatments specific to your skin type and concerns, we will create a customized program specific to your skin type and goals you want to achieve. Our vast selection of treatment options involve non-surgical skin tightening, acne or scar correction, cellulite reduction, collagen stimulation, IPL photo-facial and/or injectables.

Here you will experience results that can dramatically transform for skin, whether you have severe skin imperfections or just want to improve your overall appearance. At Parfaire, you can trust that you will always get the very best care and results with our numerous years of training and experience, and expert cosmetic artistry. We also have access to the latest technology and FDA approved and medical grade products only available in medical facilities, and not in most day spas.*

Please call us to schedule a consultation to learn how we can create your custom comprehensive beautification plan, leading you to the foundation for lifelong beauty.*

*Disclaimer* Any claims of enhancing skin, removing fat or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and might depend on lifestyle factors such as age, diet, exercise, sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol use.