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Men’s Aesthetic Services

More and more men are now using cosmetic medical services. Whether it is to stop, correct, or reverse the signs of aging, to sculpt body areas, or to treat unwanted hair, men can also enjoy the benefits now achievable from non-invasive medical aesthetic services.*

If looking your best is important to you, either for personal or professional reasons, and you are looking for a cosmetic medical facility that will give you the best results available today, then you can trust Parfaire to deliver everything you want. Here, we use only the newest, most advanced, and safest non-invasive medical grade energy and laser technologies available.*


Men’s Aesthetics Services by Parfaire

All our high-energy treatments and injectables are delivered exclusively by our American board-certified physician, Dr. Winnie Moses.
Our experienced team of aestheticians is also known for Parfaire’s Signature SilkPeel Facials, which are exceptionally therapeutic as well as relaxing and soothing.*

Beyond our world class treatments, you can expect to receive the highest level of attention, care, and personal service. Your total satisfaction is our guarantee and commitment to you. Book your free consultation today online, or call us to schedule an appointment. Meet with our highly skilled and experienced doctor and aesthetician to Read More about what Parfaire can do for you.*

Some of our most popular services among men include:

Total Skin Tightening & Restoration by Parfaire

At Parfaire, we use Fractora, the newest, state-of-art Radio Frequency technology, to resurface, rejuvenate, and revitalize skin. Fractora is use to treat wrinkles and fine lines, skin discolorations, age spots, and acne scars. Fractora tightens, resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it more radiant and healthy looking.*

Red Carpet Lift by Parfaire

Forma is Parfaire’s advanced technology that quickly tightens loose and sagging skin. A Forma treatment should create a tighter, more radiant, and more youthful skin appearance – without any downtime. This treatment is incredibly effective at treating and repairing the delicate areas of the face including crow’s feet, under eye bags, saggy eyelids, and fine lines, as well as tightening loose areas of the body caused by weight loss and aging. Forma has the added benefit of stimulating internal, natural collagen production to naturally increase and improve skin elasticity over time.*

Clear Skin by Parfaire

Lumecca is the most advanced form of IPL (intense pulsed light) on the market today. Lumecca should dramatically restore, repair, and rejuvenate skin tone and clarity.* Parfaire’s Lumecca treatment treats and reduces age spots, skin pigmentation, discoloration, Rosacea, and vascular lesions. Lumecca delivers results that are more exceptional than any other skin care product or technology available anywhere. Your skin complexion should be significantly clearer and more youthful with just one or two Lumecca treatments.*

Body Sculpting by Parfaire

BodyFx is our non-invasive body sculpting and contouring technology. It is an alternative to liposuction – without the risks and downtime.* Parfaire’s BodyFx treatment spot targets troublesome areas such as love handles, double chins, and sagging skin. Click here for more information.*

Laser Hair Removal by Parfaire

Parfaire’s laser hair treatment with Diolaze is the most effective and longest lasting hair reduction treatment available on the market today. With our hair removal treatment, unwanted facial hair and body hair should be treated quickly and painlessly. Click here for more information.*

Injectables by Parfaire

In the hands of Parfaire’s skilled physician, FDA approved injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma, are used to artfully restore youthful appearance lost to the natural aging process.* With our injectable treatments, wrinkles and fine lines should be reduced and and shallow and loose skin should be restored to a natural youthful fullness and texture.* Injectables are often used in conjunction with Parfaire’s other treatments to achieve truly amazing results.*

Facials by Parfaire

Our signature Parfaire SilkPeel Facial is based on an advanced, non-invasive, medical-grade technology that uses a custom diamond tip applicator for microdermabrasion exfoliation and simultaneous infusion of exclusive and patented Dermalinfusion solutions directly into the skin via pneumatic vacuum pressure. The SilkPeel Facial effectively targets and treats an array of skin conditions and disorders including acne, photo-aging, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dry or oily skin types, with virtually no downtime and beautiful, visible results in as little as one facial.*

*Disclaimer* Any claims of reducing or removing unwanted hair, rejuvenating or renewing skin, or looking younger and healthier cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.