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TrapTox in Pasadena

For long hours each day, you’re slouched in front of your computer or looking down at your phone. It’s no wonder that you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, and you can physically feel the knots tightening their grip on you.

You’ve tried massages, stretching and even acupuncture, but the pain keeps coming back. It’s a never-ending battle.

But what if I told you that there is a surprising solution to shoulder pain? One that can also improve your posture if you slouch and even reduce tension headaches?

The pain relief you’ve been looking for could be Botulinum toxin – commonly known as Botox.

What is TrapTox?

Everyone knows that Botox is used for cosmetic purposes to diminish lines and wrinkles and make you look more youthful. But Botox has been widely used to treat many medical conditions like migraines, TMJ, excessive sweating, muscle spasms and more.

But many are not aware that it can also help shoulder pain due to poor posture due, hunching and excessive muscle contraction of the trapezius.


What is the Trapezius?

The cause of pain in your upper body is often your trapezius muscle, which is a set of large, triangular muscles that run from the back of your neck, down your upper back and out towards your shoulders.

When these muscles are strained, you can think of them like a rubber band that’s permanently stretched beyond its limits. The result is stiffness and pain that may even radiate up to your head, causing headaches and jaw clenching.

But with Botox injections, we can set your trapezius muscles free.

How Trapezius Botox Works

Treating the trapezius with Botox works the same way it does in your face: it temporarily blocks the signal connecting the transmission between the muscle and nerve, allowing the contracted muscle to relax, and then softening and shrinking the well-developed trapezius muscle. This relaxes your muscles, reducing tension and discomfort.

Within a few weeks of your “TrapTox” treatment – as it is affectionately known – you’ll feel a dramatic reduction in shoulder stiffness and pain, as your muscle finally loosens up. In addition, your posture will improve, helping to reduce pain in the future.


Trap Botox for Cosmetic Effects

In addition to relieving overworked trapezius muscles, treating this area with Botox has an aesthetic effect. Thanks to social media, it has become one of the most popular injectable cosmetic procedures. It reduces the appearance of the trap muscles, which slims your shoulders, elongates your neck line, and makes your collarbone more well-defined. Because of this effect, it is also referred to as Barbie Botox.

This slimming effect has made trapezius Botox popular with female patients in Asia for the past several years. Many female patients love the way their slimmer profile looks in tank tops, bathing suits and summer dresses.

How is Trap Botox Done?

After determining that trapezius Botox is right for you, your doctor will identify and mark your trapezius muscles. Then Botox is placed to the exact positions of the left and right trapezius muscles through multiple small injections.

Because a small needle is used, many patients do not express discomfort during treatment. The entire treatment takes less than five minutes.

How Long Does TrapTox last?

You’ll see full results a few weeks to a month after your Botox treatment. The results typically last between six and eight months post treatment. It’s worth noting that if you work these muscles frequently, the effects will not last as long.

Is Trap Botox Safe?

Trapezius Botox is an off-label use for Botulinum toxin and has not received FDA approval. Still, Botox injection to the trapezius muscles is a safe and effective treatment in the hands of an expert medical professional. Complications can happen with an inexperienced injector, such as pneumothorax (collapsed lung) due to the close structure proximity, or excessive weakness from over injection.

At Parfaire, all Botox injections are performed by Dr. Winnie Moses, who has detailed knowledge of medical anatomy, understands how much to inject and can ensure that you benefit both medical and cosmetic results from TrapTox treatment.

Please be aware that trap Botox may not be right for you have a history of neuromuscular disorders. If you are taking blood thinners, let your injector know. You may need to stop taking them for a few days before your Botox treatment to avoid excessive bleeding or bruising.

Is Trapezius Botox Right For Me?

Not sure if TrapTox is right for you? Here are a few things that make a patient a good candidate:

  • Your pain is due to muscle stiffness, not any underlying conditions
  • Your neck and shoulder pain is chronic, not due to injury
  • You desire slimmer shoulders and an elongated neck

Once you’ve ruled out other causes of upper back pain, we recommend scheduling an appointment to discuss TrapTox.


How Many Units of Botox
Will it Take?

Trapezius Botox requires an average 80-100 units of Botulinum toxin, or 40-50 units per side.

The cost of TrapTox varies based on your provider. Botox typically costs $10 – $20 per unit, and your injector will be able to provide an estimate of the treatment cost before injecting Botox.

Relieve Tension and Live Comfortably with Trapezius Botox

It’s time to rediscover the freedom of pain-free shoulders and improved posture. Parfaire Medical Aesthetics provides doctor performed Botox treatment in Southern California. Take the first step toward less discomfort by scheduling your appointment today.
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