Meet Our Doctor: Winnie Moses | Parfaire Medical Aesthetics Pasadena

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Empowerment Through Beauty
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Dr. Moses, Founder and Medical Director of Parfaire

Dr. Moses established Parfaire in 2015 to deliver world-class quality cosmetic treatments synonymous with Beverly Hills to the San Gabriel Valley and Southern California at affordable prices. A beauty maven herself, Dr. Moses’s passion is to help people achieve their best appearance and highest level of confidence through the most effective, yet minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Prior to entering the beauty world, she earned a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the Colorado School of Mines where she graduated second in her class with honors. Also the youngest person in her graduating class, her Master’s thesis was officially published in the Journal of Applied Chemistry.

Dr. Moses received her medical degree and completed her residency training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She graduated with honors and was awarded the prestigious Janet M. Glasgow Award for being the top student in her class, and was recognized as an outstanding woman at the threshold of her medical career. Dr. Moses served as a American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) physician in one of the nation’s top hospitals for more than a decade, where she treated and saved countless lives.

In her free time, Dr. Moses loves to paint in her home art studio and play with her dog, Lola.

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