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During COVID, we’ve all been spending much more time at home.

So it’s hardly surprising that lots of people have taken on home renovation projects.

I’m one of them!

It seemed like the right time to give my house a more personal stamp and make it a place I really love.

I can’t deny it’s been exhausting… The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of decisions about everything from paint color to door handles.

Still, it’s been so much fun to see my dream home come together, bit by bit…

And now we’re nearly done 🙂

Throughout this time, I’ve kept my work at Parfaire and the building site at home very separate. They’ve felt like two different worlds.

But looking back, I realize that they’re more connected than I thought…

In fact, there’s a lot we can learn about taking care of our skin from a house renovation!

Here are 3 big ones:

1. Work to a plan. When we started the renovation, it felt overwhelming – there was so much work to be done.

But our painters and decorators worked to a written plan and schedule, allowing them to finish our project faster and with fewer mistakes. I’m sure the result is better because we’d thought it all through in advance.

When it comes to skin, many people treat wrinkles or sagging as and when they notice them.

Of course, you’ll see results with this ad-hoc approach.

But if you’re serious about preserving your skin’s youthfulness, it’s better to work to a treatment plan.

This involves looking at the whole picture – your lines and wrinkles, the quality of your skin and its volume – and discussing the changes you want to see.

Together, we determine which treatments you need and in which order. Then we implement…

With a personalized plan, you address your skin concerns more methodically. So you’ll look better, faster.

And over time, you’ll see a transformation in the quality of your skin, because nothing gets missed.

So if you don’t have a tailored treatment plan yet, hit ‘reply’ to this email or call us on (626) 844-7273, and we’ll develop one with you.

2. Don’t neglect behind-the-scenes. A lot of the work we did on the house will eventually be hidden. No one will ever see the effort that went into the electrics, the vents, or under the floorboards.

But there’s no point freshening up the paintwork or modernizing the kitchen if things don’t work behind the scenes. The house won’t function right.

Your skin is exactly the same.

Most people take care of the surface of their skin because it’s what you can see. But it’s your collagen and elastin in the deeper layers which are responsible for keeping your skin firm, elastic and healthy.

If you don’t have enough of these proteins, it doesn’t matter how many facials or Botox treatments you get – your skin won’t look its best.

That’s why we offer so many treatments to stimulate your production of collagen and elastin – my favorites are Sculptra, PDO Thread lifts, and the Red Carpet Lift.

It’s invisible work, but you need to treat all levels of your skin for the best results.

3 Get it right the first time. We have friends whose renovation projects went sadly wrong. They cut corners, going with the cheapest builders. Or their builders cut corners on their behalf, using poor materials and workmanship.

They always lived to regret it, hating the result or – worse – having to redo some of the work at huge expense.

That’s why my husband spent months gathering the right people and plans before starting the work. We wanted to get things right the first time.

I’m not saying it all went perfectly – no renovation project ever does – but overall, we’re very happy with the results.

Unfortunately, people often cut corners with skincare, and regret that too.

They’re tempted to go to the cheapest or most convenient providers, rather than doctors they can trust… Then they come into Parfaire, asking to fix filler that’s been incorrectly placed by someone else, or over-inflated lips that look unnatural.

Of course, I’m happy to help, but these patients are often distraught because their face doesn’t look right – and it’s not necessary.

Similarly, people try skincare gimmicks they’ve seen online or buy over-the-counter products that can’t possibly help their skin.

It’s not just a waste of money. They end up suffering from pigmentation, dry or dull skin for far longer than they need to. Then they have to pay again to fix the problems.

Your face and your skin are precious. You should entrust them only to properly qualified, experienced people… Use only medical-grade products… And take only professional advice.

Get it right the first time – it will save you a lot of heartaches!


Dr. Moses