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Aging Face Pasadena

The perception of a youthful, attractive face is often characterized through the “Triangle of Beauty” – even symmetry of the eyes, nose, lips and cheekbones, proportional facial contours, and balanced distribution of superficial and subdermal fat. Aging is a complex process involving skin texture changes, loss of facial volume, and weakening soft tissue support, resulting in a reversed “Triangle of Aging.”*At Parfaire, we take an integrated 3D approach to address Skin Tone, Skin Texture, and Skin Tightness. With a customized treatment plan, we will focus on the essential 5 R’s of anti-aging: Resurfacing, Refirming, Relaxing, Refilling and Replenishing. The result is total facial rejuvenation and restored facial symmetry and balance – a natural and stunning return to the Triangle of Beauty.*

Aging Face Treatments

Triangle of Beauty

*Disclaimer* Any claims of improving skin tone, texture, tightness or appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.