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Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Smokers Lines Pasadena

Wrinkles, fine lines, and smokers lines are all the result of collagen and skin elastin breakdown caused by direct damage to the skin from the sun and environment, from loss of volume due to aging, and/or from smoking.*

At Parfaire, we practice a comprehensive and multi-modality approach to treat and repair lines and wrinkles.* Our signature skin resurfacing and re-firming treatments with Fractora and Forma provide incredibly natural and longer lasting results which not only “sand down” the lines and wrinkles, but also reverse the aging process by generating new collagen and elastin to help build healthier and more youthful skin over time.* In addition, injectables can provide immediate improvements and our advanced medical grade skincare products and SilkPeel® treatments will provide maintenance and protection to guard against further effects of aging.*

Smokers Lines Treatment by Parfaire

*Individual results will vary.

*Disclaimer* Any claims of improving,reducing, removing or treating fine lines or wrinkles cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.