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Cellulite Treatment Pasadena

Cellulite is simply fat that collects in pockets under the skin. The dimples are the result of collagen fibers that connect fat to the skin which causes fat cells to bulge out.* Cellulite does not mean overweight, as thin people can have this condition.* At Parfaire, Body Contouring with BodyFx is the newest treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite and reduce dimpled skin.* It delivers precisely controlled radio frequency energy to the skin and underlying fat causing tissue contraction and adipolysis (fat cell destruction). * This process smooths out unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat. *Individual results will vary.

Cellulite Treatment Pasadena

Cellulite Treatments Available At Parfaire:

*Disclaimer* Any claims of treating, reducing, or improving cellulite cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.