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Aging Neck Treatment

The neck area typically shows signs of aging because it is often cared for less than the face. Plus, since the neck lacks an oil gland, the neck is more prone to dryness resulting in a more weathered appearance. Finally, the daily movements of the single major neck muscle also make it more prone to laxity, wrinkles, and sagginess.*At Parfaire, our signature non-surgical aging neck treatment “Parfaire Perfection Program” should effectively tackle this challenge resulting in a smoother, tighter and lifted neck, all with with minimal pain and little to no downtime.* We can also treat the neck with our Factora and Forma technologies which are effective at reducing “fat rolls” and “double chins” and which should remodel and regenerate the neck’s supportive tissue for a more youthful, refreshed appearance.*

Aging Neck Treatments Available At Parfaire:

Aging Neck Treatment

*Disclaimer* Any claims of reducing fat or improving skin appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.