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Rediscover Your Appearance with Kybella at Parfaire Los Angeles

Are you tired of battling your stubborn double chin? That extra chin fat can be a persistent bother, but there’s a non-surgical answer at Parfaire. Unshackle yourself from the clutches of double chin troubles with Kybella, the FDA-approved injectable marvel that bestows upon you a youthful, sleek visage, all without the need for invasive double chin reduction surgery.

Double chin reduction treatment has never been more accessible. Our adept team in Los Angeles specializes in delivering Kybella results that leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated. Whether it’s genetics, the inexorable march of time, or fluctuations in weight that concern you, Parfaire’s non-invasive approach is meticulously crafted to bestow upon you the double chin reduction you’ve been yearning for. Embrace the newfound splendor of your sculpted chin today!

Kybella Treatment Before and After


Double Chin Reduction Before


Double Chin Reduction After

Double Chin Reduction by Parfaire after one treatment of Kybella


Double Chin Reduction Kybella Before


Double Chin Reduction Kybella After
Double Chin Reduction (Kybella) by Parfaire
*Individual results will vary
I recently underwent Kybella treatment for double chin reduction at Parfaire Los Angeles, and I’m ecstatic about my transformed jawline. The staff explained everything, including potential Kybella side effects and costs, and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was a breeze, and my jawline has been sculpted to perfection. The expertise and care at Los Angeles were exceptional, and I highly recommend them to anyone considering Kybella treatment. It was worth every penny, and I’m grateful for the fantastic Kybella results.

-Michael Q.

What Sets Kybella Apart from Other Double Chin Reduction Treatment Options?

Kybella is a revolutionary injectable double chin reduction treatment designed to target and eliminate stubborn fat deposits under the chin, helping you achieve a gorgeously sculpted facial appearance. What sets Kybella apart is its non-invasive approach, sparing you the ordeal of surgery. Furthermore, the entire procedure is incredibly swift, typically taking a mere 15-20 minutes.

But Kybella’s prowess extends beyond vanquishing double chin fat; it can also effectively address concerns like the infamous “Bra Bulge,” Love Handles, Abdominal fat, the backs of Arms, and even those pesky Thigh areas. Its secret weapon is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in your body that plays a pivotal role in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. When skillfully administered beneath your chin, Kybella initiates the demise of fat cells. As these fat cells meet their end, they forfeit their capacity to store or accumulate fat, naturally metabolized by your body. This transformative process can yield results that are not just long-lasting but might even be considered permanent, offering you an extraordinary path to your ideal look.


What Can You Expect During Your Kybella Experience?

Prior to the treatment, we may use a topical numbing agent to ensure your comfort. After the treatment, you might experience bruising, swelling, and firmness, which can be easily concealed with makeup and typically fade within a few days. You might also notice a temporary tingling or burning sensation, as well as mild to moderate swelling, signaling that Kybella is at work dissolving fat in the treated area. Swelling may be significant for 7-10 days post-treatment and can persist for 1-2 weeks, or up to 3 weeks in more severe cases. You can expect visible results to manifest within 3-5 weeks. Remember, swelling is a sign that the fat-dissolving process is underway and is completely normal.

How Many Sessions Are Typically Required?

Our skilled physician crafts a personalized plan for your chin transformation. Typically, just 2-4 sessions unveil striking changes. We employ multiple Kybella injections, targeting chin fat precisely. Sessions spaced 6 weeks apart ensure your path to a uniquely sculpted chin profile.

How Long Can You Expect Kybella Results to Last?

Clinical studies approved by the FDA suggest that Kybella results are usually permanent, provided there are no significant lifestyle changes. Generally, you’ll need at least two treatments to achieve visible results. In the clinical studies, individuals who experienced weight gain after Kybella treatment did not see a return of their submental fullness.

What Preparations Should You Make Before Your Kybella Treatment?

Before your Kybella treatment, there are specific precautions to take. Avoid NSAIDs (such as Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen)(Motrin, Aleve, Naproxen), Aspirin, Green Tea, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E supplements two weeks prior to your appointment. Kybella cannot be administered if there’s any infection (such as an acne breakout, rosacea flare, or lymph node swelling) in the treatment area. A consultation before your treatment is essential.

Why Opt for Parfaire Los Angeles for Your Kybella Experience?

Choosing Parfaire Los Angeles for your Kybella journey is a decision that guarantees quality and care. We exclusively use FDA-approved products and never pressure you into treatments you don’t need. Your path to transformation begins with a customized treatment plan, addressing your specific concerns and aiming for the best results. Our warm and expert staff will be by your side throughout the entire process, ensuring your comfort during injections and following up to ensure your satisfaction with each treatment.

If you’re seeking beautiful, natural-looking results from a trusted American Board Certified physician, don’t hesitate to call or email us to schedule a consultation. Together, we’ll explore the most tailored options for your unique needs.

*Disclaimer* Although we aspire to provide personalized solutions, please bear in mind that everyone’s experience with Kybella treatment is distinctive, and outcomes may differ widely.
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