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Parfaire New Neck Treatment

What is the Parfaire New Neck Treatment?

The Parfaire New Neck Treatment is a combination treatment using Parfaire’s most effective skin tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating technologies. Depending on the severity of the neck condition and depending on the goals of the client, the treatment uses a custom combination of different modalities to naturally and quickly tighten, lift, and rejuvenate the neck.

What Conditions does the Neck Treatment address?

The most common conditions patients want to address in the neck area are:

  • Noticeable amounts of wrinkly skin around the front center of the neck which become more noticeable with certain movements or light conditions.
  • Loss of jawline definition either from fat build-up under the chin or from saggy facial skin.
  • Horizontal or vertical neck lines.
  • Combinations of the above in various severities and degrees.

How does the Parfaire New Neck Treatment work in general?

Parfaire’s new neck treatment focuses on improving the following areas:

  • Smooth wrinkly skin texture.
  • Lift and tighten saginess in the neck tissue.
  • Regain face, neck and jawline definition.

Do all of Parfaire’s Neck Treatments use the same treatment combinations for everyone?

No, each treatment uses a unique combination of treatment technologies. For example, for young adults, sometimes a single treatment is all that is needed to protect and repair skin and wrinkles lines, because the treatment will be preventive and will slow the aging process before it gets worse. For these patients, we recommend our Parfaire Red Carpet Neck Lift as a corrective as well as a preventive treatment.

For other age groups, often a more comprehensive coordinated combination of treatment modalities is necessary to achieve the best, most immediate, most dramatic, and most natural results.

At Parfaire, every patient is treated as a VIP and is fully examined and assessed to evaluate the patient’s condition and goals. After that, a custom tailored treatment plan is created.

What Kinds of Parfaire Neck Treatments are Available?

Parfaire offers the following neck treatments:

  • Parfaire Zoom Neck Treatment

A combination of the Red Carpet Neck Lift and our most popular Procell Microneedling – all in one session for mild to moderate aging neck conditions. This unique treatment delivers the controlled intense thermal heat needed for a more effective microneedling result compared with traditional microneedling procedure. This Parfaire’s one and only combo treatment targets signs of aging with a recovery time of 2-3 days.

  • Total Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Fractora

Fractora, known as the “Original Morpheus8” is the tier up from Parfaire Zoom Neck Treatment, it is designed to treat the moderate to severe aging neck conditions. With a 7-10 days recovery time, it utilizes a spring-loaded, silicone-coated 24-60 pins needle which simultaneously emitting higher frequency RF energy for deeper tissue penetration, results in an all-in-one lifting, tightening and texture correction.

  • Double Chin Reduction with Kybella

The separation of face and neck can be blunted by various amounts of fat under the chin or along the neck. Kybella is a nonsurgical permanent fat removal treatment, requiring a series of treatments depending on the individual condition. It also can be used for localized shaping and fine tuning, less frequent of treatment and less downtime for this purpose.

  • Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is indicated for moderate to severe fatty tissue collection around the neck. By using tumescent technique, the patient is awake during the procedure and post-recovery is faster.

  • PDO/PCL Thread Lift
  • Collagen Induction by Hyper Dilute Radiesse
  • Parfaire Biorevitalization Therapy
  • Parfaire Nec-Tox

Why Trust Parfaire for Your Neck Treatment?

With her extensive knowledge of the vital anatomy of the neck and deep understanding of its structure and aesthetic connection to the face, She has developed her own set of one-of-a-kind combination treatments each of which require fine skills and years of experience to know how to properly combine the different technologies and modalities to achieve consistent amazing results.

She is regularly commended for her artistry and natural beautiful work. With her many years of hands-on experience, continuing education, training, and use of advanced products and techniques, She has become a world-class pioneer and expert for the treatment of aging necks.

Why does the neck show signs of aging so early and why does the neck age faster than the face?

Due to the neck structure, the neck has only 30% of oil gland and half of the thickness compared with the face. This causes the neck to be more prone to dryness resulting in a more weathered appearance.

The neck area typically shows signs of aging unmatched to the face. During the global pandemic,

“Zoom Neck” became a new phenomenon. We noticed more of the people’s neck lines, wrinkles and double chins when we’re sitting in front of the camera facing others in a virtual meeting. Because we have a reflection of self on the screen it’s just made everything appear more noticeable and bothersome.


    • Postural: Engaging a prolonged activity of bending the neck to look at a cellphone or smart device. The condition is sometimes referred to as “Tech neck” – horizontal neck lines, which can happen to even young adults.

    • Habitual: Most people are accustomed to applying skincare products and sunblock to the face, leaving the neck bare. The fact is that facial care starts neck up, the same if not more skin care regimen needed for the neck.

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