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What is a Parfaire Thread Lift Treatment?

A Parfaire Thread Lift Treatment is a non-surgical alternative to having a surgical face or neck lift. It is a highly effective anti-aging treatment that uses surgical-grade threads to tighten and lift the skin to a more youthful position with overall improved skin texture and quality.

There are two main types of threads: PDO (polydioxanone) and PCL (Polycaprolactone). These are medical-grade dissolvable sutures consisting of protein fibers that have been used for many years in wound repairs and numerous surgical procedures around the world. In recent years, the application of threads to treat and improve facial skin conditions in cosmetic medicines has gained FDA approval. It is safe for the human body and no allergy test is needed.

What is the difference between PCL threads and PDO threads?

PDO and PCL lifting threads both stimulate the cellular regeneration of collagen. They also similarly act as a scaffold-like structure in a building where newly generated skin collagen attaches to it, therefore giving a firm, lifted skin tone.

PDO threads are stiffer and more robust in lifting with a lasting duration of 9 to 12 months.

PCL threads are a newer generation of lifting threads.

  • They are stronger and more tensile so the mechanical lift is more significant.
  • They’re more flexible so they give more natural results.
  • It takes them much longer to dissolve under your skin – between 24-36 months, compared to 9-12months for PDO threads. So the mechanical lift lasts at least twice as long – and sometimes even triple as long!
  • They are better at stimulating natural collagen production. Even after the threads have dissolved, the results remain significant.


How does a Thread Lift work?

A thread lift works in three phases:

1. Immediately – As soon as we insert them, they give you an immediate mechanical lift, literally lifting your skin to a firmer and more youthful position

2. Short-term – Over the next few months, your body will naturally generate new collagen bundles that surround each thread which will enhance and maintain the lifted skin.

3. Long-term – Finally, the threads dissolve slowly, over 12 to 36 months, depending on which type of threads is used. During this period, the threads continuously prompt your body to naturally create more collagen which is the naturally occurring substance that makes your skin more firm and elastic resulting in the thread lift lasting longer.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Parfaire Thread Lift?

It is a procedure ideal for patients between age 30 to 65 with mild to moderate skin elasticity, and for patients who want to avoid a surgical facelift, but rather actively stimulate their own collagen and elastin production to achieve a more natural and gradual result that “ages with you”.

Thread Lift can be used as an adjunct to other non-surgical skin tightening lifting treatments and injectables to provide even longer-lasting results.

What conditions does Parfaire Thread Lift treat for?

If you sometime say this to yourself:

  • “My jowls are sagging. It makes me look much older than I really am”
  • “I hate the skin hanging under my neck. My jawline has disappeared”
  • “Every time I pass a mirror, I pull my skin back upwards. It never stays there…”

If your skin has started to slack around your cheeks, jaw or neck, it changes the shape of your face, making you look older.

Innovative PDO/ PCL threads can treat and improve all the above areas and conditions.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Jowls
  • Brow / Droopy Eyelids
  • Naso-labial and Marionette lines
  • Smoker line
  • Nose
  • Body

In addition, threads come in different shapes and designs: Cog/barb thread is designed for a lifting and anchoring of sagging skin and folds; Smooth/Mono thread is for laying down a mesh at the area needing collagen for scar revision, tightening and texture improvement. Other types are designed for subtle reshaping, enhancement without adding too much volume, such as nose, lip definition, smoker line correction.

Why Do Our Patients Love This Procedure?


  • There’s no surgery involved – So if you’re not ready for or don’t want surgery, this is a great alternative
  • It takes an hour (or less!) – And you can return to work the very next day.
  • You see results immediately! As soon as you leave our clinic, you’ll notice that your skin is already higher and tighter! The full results will appear a few weeks later.
  • The procedure is easily tolerable. It’s performed under topical anaesthesia and we use all the tools in our arsenal to keep you comfortable! Some patients don’t feel much. Others feel tugging, or say it feels ‘intense’.
  • Results look extremely natural. No one will be able to tell you’ve had a procedure – your skin will just look tighter and smoother, like it did a few years ago
  • It’s affordable – Depending on the area we are treating and the results you want to achieve, you can expect to need a minimum of 4-6 threads. This is extremely cost-effective compared to every other facelift option and a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift
  • And best of all… Results last up to 3 years!

Some of Parfaire’s Thread Lift Treatment Before and After Pictures.


Any claims of reducing or removing wrinkles, looking younger, or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and are often based on lifestyle factors such as age, diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol use.

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