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Cellulite Reduction by Parfaire

If you’re tired of spending money on pricey creams that don’t work and wearing cover ups at the beach, Parfaire has the solution to help reduce unwanted cellulite.* You’re not alone – it’s estimated that 80% of women over age 20 have cellulite. In most of us ladies, it ruthlessly appears in the outer thighs, back of the legs, buttocks and front of the legs.*

Cellulite is simply fat that collects in pockets under the skin. The dimples are the result of collagen fibers that connect fat to the skin which causes fat cells to bulge out. It is one of the most difficult cosmetic problems to treat due to the complex nature of the condition. At Parfaire, we understand the core structure of cellulite is unique as it features three different problems in the same area: fatty compartment (causing fatty bulges), shortened skin septa (giving that dimply, orange peel skin appearance) and loss of skin elasticity (causing sagging skin).*

Cellulite Reduction

Our newest suction-coupled precision controlled Radio Frequency (RF) energy and high-voltage electroporation adipolysis (fat cell destruction) combination treatments aim to target all three core problems of cellulite, to smooth out unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat, tighten up tissue, and break off the septa causing dimpling.*


Cellulite Reduction Before


Cellulite Reduction After

*Individual results will vary.


How does Cellulite Reduction by Parfaire work?

Parfaire’s cellulite treatment features a unique combination of BodyFX and Forma devices which use FDA-approved Radio Frequency (RF) technology. With BodyFX, this treatment uses RF energy to penetrate deep into fat layers beneath the skin, causing the unwanted fat cells to heat, vibrate and break down into liquid which is then naturally carried away by the body. The device features vacuum massage technology that gently lifts fat and skin tissue to provide maximum penetration of the RF energy and its therapeutic heat, as well as targeting specific areas for sculpting. Fully automatic temperature monitoring ensures a maximally effective treatment, and virtually painless experience.*

This procedure, when coupled with our innovative Forma device, helps minimize the appearance of cellulite even faster. By harnessing the power RF energy at one million pulses per second, Forma’s energy penetrates deep into the skin to heat underlying tissue. The deep heat tightens tissue and skin structure, while simultaneously stimulating natural collagen production to increase skin elasticity.*

What should I expect during Parfaire’s Cellulite treatment?

During your free consultation, our Board Certified Physician, Dr. Winnie Moses, will determine the number of recommended treatments to achieve your desired results, and address all of your questions and concerns. Each session lasts approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the area(s) treated. Side effects are not expected aside from minor warmth and redness, which should subside within a few hours.*

How soon should I see results from Parfaire’s Cellulite treatment and how long will they last?

Depending on the size of the area(s) treated, improvements can typically be seen after just 3-5 sessions. After the recommended sessions are completed, your body’s contouring process doesn’t just stop; it may continue to improve 3-6 months following treatment.*

Is there downtime with Parfaire’s Cellulite treatment?

Each treatment is relatively quick and can easily be done within an hour, even during your lunch break, with little-to-no discomfort or downtime. You can resume exercise and regular activities immediately afterwards.*

How much do Parfaire’s Cellulite treatments cost?

The cost of this treatment is based on the condition, size of area(s) to be treated, and goals you want to achieve. This will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.*

Why choose Parfaire for your Cellulite treatment?

We are dedicated to being your long-term solution for anti-aging prevention, maintenance and age reversal. Parfaire strives to consistently providing you the professional service and results you desire with each visit. The personalized care from our friendly staff will be delivered from start to finish during your customized treatments at Parfaire. Providing you the best results is always priority, and we’ll be here to walk you answer all questions and walk you through each step with patience and support. Please call or email us to schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn about the best treatment plan for you.*

*Disclaimer* Any claims of enhancing skin, removing wrinkles or spots, anti-aging, or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and might depend on lifestyle factors such as age, diet, exercise, sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol use.