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Rosacea Pasadena

Rosacea is a widespread condition that takes on several forms: red and flushing; small visible blood vessels on the face; and, pimples or bumps. The causes are believed to be multifactorial. One cause is vascular reaction to UV exposure from sunlight leads to the production of excessive vascular endothelial growth factor – a substance that has been linked to the development of visible blood vessels (telangiectasia). Rosacea is also linked to an inflammatory reaction of the immune system to the common triggers such as sun exposure, climate change, skin irritants, emotional stress, and certain diets.*

Rosacea Pasadena

New and increased research has led to a greater understanding of Rosacea and this in turn has led to significant advances in its treatment.

Parfaire’s Lumecca treatment is among the newest treatment for Rosacea available anywhere. Lumecca operates by using photothermolysis energy directly on the affected areas. After a treatment, vein blanch and vessel color change dissipates and should disappear after just a few days. Multiple treatments provide even better results.*

Rosacea Treatments Available At Parfaire:

*Disclaimer* Any claims of reducing, removing, improving or treating Rosacea cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.