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IV Therapy in Arcadia by Parfaire

In today’s health industry, individuals are looking for methods to improve their looks and feel better all around. At Parfaire Medical Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality IV therapy, a favored treatment at our med spa.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy has long been a cornerstone of medical care, but it’s recently surged in popularity, offering a holistic approach to wellness and an aesthetic boost, in addition to tackling diverse health issues.

In a clinical spa environment, IV treatment, often referred to as IV vitamin infusion, employs a fine needle to administer a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and vital nutrients customized to fit the patient’s individual requirements. These solutions assist with various health and wellness objectives, including enhancing skin quality and increasing vitality, as well as providing relief from stress and anxiety.

While certain healthcare professionals carry out IV therapy at the patient’s residence, we offer ours at our luxurious health and wellness clinic in the heart of Arcadia, CA, ensuring the utmost comfort and care for our clientele.

Who Can Get IV Therapy?

Intravenous vitamin therapy is generally available to individuals weighing over 100 lbs, and it can be particularly helpful for those dealing with vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, anxiety, or fatigue.

For individuals with heart issues or kidney complications, IV therapy might be unsuitable due to potential vitamin overload risks. It’s also not recommended for critically ill patients. Always inform your healthcare provider about any prescription drugs you’re taking to prevent adverse interactions.


Benefits of IV Therapy

Incorporating IV therapies into your wellness regimen can be incredibly beneficial. Let’s delve into why many find this treatment so appealing.

Customized Treatment

IV therapy can be tailored to your specific needs and health objectives. This means that you can receive a personalized nutrient infusion best suited for enhancing energy levels, supporting weight loss efforts, or rejuvenating your skin. What you get is a bespoke treatment aligned with your wellness goals.

Fast and Effective Results

This method accelerates nutrient intake and assimilation, delivering quicker advantages compared to standard supplements. It’s especially beneficial if you need to swiftly address specific health issues.

Complete Hydration

Ensuring adequate hydration is vital for the body’s various functions, including skin health and digestion. IV hydration therapy is a way to quickly revitalize with essential nutrients and fluids, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enhanced Recovery

IV vitamin therapy has been praised for its ability to assist the body in bouncing back from a wide array of challenges, including strenuous workouts, body inflammation, and even the dreaded hangover. By delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, this therapy accelerates the body’s recovery process, allowing individuals to return to their prime state of health in a quicker, more efficient manner.

What Fluids and Vitamins are in an IV Bag?

Each IV therapy session offers a unique blend of vitamins and minerals dissolved in saline. The most frequently used elements include:
  • Vitamin B complex: Vitamin B complex offers essential support to metabolism, aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and is crucial for the production of energy.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining energy levels, managing weight, and promoting good digestive health. It’s particularly important for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet, as they may have a higher risk of B12 deficiency.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong immune system and promoting the production of collagen. This essential nutrient is not only important for warding off illnesses but also for keeping the skin, bones, and connective tissues healthy.
  • Zinc: Zinc contributes to bolstering your immune system, accelerating the healing of wounds, and supporting metabolic functions.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium has the potential to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as enhance the strength of your bones.

Popular IV Vitamin Therapy Options in Arcadia

IV therapy at our clinic is tailored to suit the unique needs of each patient. Our selection includes a range of highly sought-after options, designed to provide the ideal treatment:

Hydration Therapy

IV hydration therapy offers multifaceted benefits, recommended for those seeking rapid revival from dehydration, hangovers, or fatigue. By swiftly rebalancing electrolytes and fortifying depleted fluids, this therapy serves as a comprehensive reboot for your system.

Beauty and Anti-Aging IV Therapy

Beauty IV infusions have been designed to boost skin health, enhance its natural glow, and fight the visible effects of aging. They usually consist of a blend of essential vitamins, powerful antioxidants, and nutrients that stimulate collagen production.

Energy and Performance

IV therapy offers an excellent way to revitalize individuals looking to enhance their energy levels. With a combination of energizing compounds such as B vitamins and amino acids, these infusions are crafted to provide a comprehensive mental and physical lift, sharpening your focus and invigorating your body.

Immune Support

To maintain robust health, a strong immune system is critical. IV therapy delivers potent doses of vitamin C, zinc, and other vital nutrients, effectively bolstering your body’s defenses against potential health threats. High levels of immune-supporting nutrients are swiftly administered, equipping your system to combat illness and keep you in peak health.

Weight Management

IV infusions for weight management offer a tailored method to enhance metabolism and stimulate fat metabolism. They serve as a valuable supplement to your weight loss regimen, replenishing vital nutrients that optimize your body’s natural weight-maintaining mechanisms.

What to Look for in an IV Therapy Provider

In the booming industry of intravenous (IV) therapy, finding the right provider is crucial. Due to the surge in popularity, the quality of service varies widely. Before you undergo IV therapy, two critical checkpoints can help you distinguish the top-tier providers.

Training and Certification

When seeking IV therapy, it’s crucial to choose a provider who’s fully trained and certified. Certain states mandate that healthcare practitioners have specialized IV administration licensure. At Parfaire Medical Aesthetics, our doctor-led team is fully certified under Arcadia’s strict regulations, ensuring the highest level of care.

Compliance and Safety

Ensuring your health provider maintains pristine conditions for equipment and supplies is as crucial as maintaining certifications. Cutting corners on sterilization can result in serious infections. When in doubt, inquire about their serialization methods to verify the adherence to safety protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does IV therapy take?

An average IV therapy session lasts around 30 to 60 minutes, which gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy some personal time. Consider bringing your favorite book, grabbing your headphones for some music, or even bringing your laptop to get some work done. Make your time in the chair not just therapeutic, but also tailored to your personal comfort.

How long does IV therapy stay in your system?

The duration that IV fluids remain effective can vary, influenced by metabolic pace and fluid intake. While the fluids themselves may have a short-term effect of a few hours, the nutrients they carry can provide benefits that last for days or even weeks.

How quickly will you feel the effects of the IV drip?

The timeframe for sensing the benefits of vitamin therapies varies based on the specific treatment, your body’s metabolism, and your underlying health conditions. IV drips, which rapidly infuse the bloodstream with vital nutrients, usually yield noticeable results within a matter of minutes. By contrast, other forms of therapy might take several hours before you experience their effects.

How much does IV therapy cost?

Most individuals undergoing treatment should have a budget of $200 or possibly, more for each session, contingent upon the specific treatment required.

Is IV therapy covered by insurance?

In general, insurance usually doesn’t cover IV therapies, though some providers do consider hydration treatment within the realm of wellness and might offer partial or full coverage. For clarity on your specific policy, it’s best to review it or directly inquire with your insurance company.

Are there any side effects of IV treatment?

While IV therapies are generally considered safe, they may lead to some side effects, including:

  • Bruising around the needle entry point
  • Potential for infection
  • Rare cases of developing a rash


When you arrive at our wellness clinic for IV therapies, our initial step involves a detailed consultation regarding your health background and the specific issues bothering you. Following this, a skilled nurse will assess and prescribe a tailored treatment plan.

The nurse will arrange the IV solution and line, and as the drip begins, it typically runs for 30 to 60 minutes. Afterward, when the procedure finishes, the nurse will disengage the line, and you can resume all normal activities.

For those interested in IV therapy around Arcadia, your journey begins at 626-844-7273 or with a quick online booking.

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