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How does liposuction work?

Liposuction in Glendale is a swift and impressive approach to get rid of excess fat cells and shape your physique. This plastic surgery procedure utilizes suction to eliminate substantial fat deposits. While it typically requires general anesthesia, it’s essential to be aware of potential side effects such as bleeding, discomfort, soreness, and bruising.

What does Tumescent Liposuction entail?

Tumescent liposuction in Glendale represents a more contemporary take on traditional liposuction. Its major advantage is the use of local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia. While there are still potential risks and side effects associated with tumescent liposuction, they tend to be less severe than those of the standard procedure. Some potential side effects involve mild burning at the anesthesia site, slight discomfort, minor pain in the treatment area, and minimal bleeding.

Tumescent liposuction is often viewed as a safer option compared to the traditional method, delivering effective fat removal and liposuction. Another benefit is its ability to reduce the displacement of internal body fluids that may occur when removing significant fat deposits, potentially minimizing the risk of low blood pressure.

To summarize, the key advantages of utilizing Tumescent anesthesia on a local level include:

  • Minimal blood loss
  • Enhanced aesthetic outcomes
  • Reduced post-procedure discomfort due to extended 24-hour local anesthesia
  • Swift post-procedure recovery

Which regions can Tumescent Liposuction address?

In Glendale, tumescent liposuction is your go-to option for expertly removing excess fat cells and achieving the body you desire. This advanced plastic surgery procedure can target fat removal in various areas, including the face, neck, chin, abdomen, thighs, hips, love handles, back, knees, and bra fat.

When will the effects of Tumescent Liposuction become visible?

In Glendale, after your fat removal procedure for liposuction, you can expect the post-treatment swelling to subside within a few days. You’ll begin to notice the initial results in just two to three weeks. However, the complete benefits of this plastic surgery will become most apparent in approximately three to six months.

What is the procedure for performing Tumescent Liposuction?

In Glendale, tumescent liposuction for removing excess fat and achieving liposuction is a well-thought-out process. It involves a saline solution mixed with a diluted local anesthetic, epinephrine, and adrenaline, carefully injected into the treatment area. This localized anesthesia ensures pain relief. In some cases, a mild oral sedative is provided to enhance relaxation and reduce any anxiety. Once the anesthesia takes effect, a small, thin tube known as a cannula is gently inserted through tiny incisions in the skin, and suction is used to eliminate unwanted fat cells. The incisions and cannula are minimal in size, which allows for natural healing without the need for sutures, leaving minimal to no scarring.

During the procedure, a significant amount of diluted lidocaine is introduced into the targeted area prior to liposuction. This step causes the fat to swell and become firmer, enhancing precision in fat removal and minimizing skin irregularities or rippling. The tumescent solution also plays a crucial role in reducing bruising, blood loss, and post-operative soreness, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable recovery.


Do the outcomes of Tumescent Liposuction endure over time?

In Glendale, after undergoing the fat removal procedure for liposuction, the excess fat cells are effectively removed and gone for good. These unwanted fat cells won’t return. However, it’s crucial to note that if there is weight gain following the treatment, the additional weight may redistribute to the treated area, potentially impacting the results.

What actions are permissible following the procedure?

In Glendale, post-treatment, patients can typically leave with minimal discomfort, getting back to their regular daily routines within one or two days. Light exercise can be resumed in about a week. However, it’s advisable to steer clear of strenuous exercise for roughly one to two weeks following the fat removal procedure for liposuction.

Who qualifies as a suitable candidate for Tumescent Liposuction?

In Glendale, individuals who maintain good overall health, stay active, and fall within the average to near-average weight range, yet struggle with pockets of persistent excess fat that defy diet and exercise, make excellent candidates for liposuction. This procedure effectively targets those stubborn fat areas that are resistant to traditional weight loss methods.

What makes Parfaire a reliable choice for your Tumescent Liposuction therapy?

At Parfaire’s Medical Aesthetics in Glendale, our skilled Doctor team exclusively administers Tumescent Treatments. They are artists in the realm of liposuction and excel at sculpting the body to perfection. Achieving the best results in a secure and welcoming clinic is our primary focus. Parfaire consistently produces stunning and meaningful outcomes, making this our specialty.

When it comes to body sculpting and contouring using Tumescent liposuction, you can attain the body you’ve longed for, all without the hassles of extended recovery associated with traditional liposuction.

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