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Budget-Friendly Acne Scar Treatment in Altadena

Acne Scar Treatment by Parfaire


Acne plagues a wide range of women and men, and can feel uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. It can also leave unwanted scars on your face which makeup can only minimally conceal. Acne is also common on the back, which can easily be treated as well.*

At Parfaire, our newest energy-based micro-pin resurfacing treatments, along with stem cell therapy, allow us to treat and repair deep, widespread acne scars. This is a “Collagen Induction Therapy” that applies the “Designer Dermis” approach which involves various layers of scar tissue to be treated and regenerated, resulting in effective scar revision using our most advanced technology called Fractora. This method is the latest and most effective form of fractional Radio Frequency (RF) resurfacing treatment available today, with visible results in just 1-2 treatments.*

Acne/Acne Scar Altadena


Scar formation is genetically linked to the body’s reaction to inflammation. Most people that have had acne develop scarring to some degree and delaying acne treatment will likely increase one’s risk of acne scarring. Early treatment and prevention is the key to minimize acne scars.*

At Parfaire, our newest energy based micro-pins resurfacing treatments allow us to treat and repair deep, widespread, and depressed acne scars.* This is a “Collagen Induction Therapy” that applies the “Designer Dermis” approach which involves various layers of scar tissue to be treated and regenerated resulting in scar revision. For less severe acne conditions, we offer SilkPeel® advanced microdermabrasion treatments, skin tightening treatments, dermal fillers, and anti-acne medical grade skin care products.*

*Disclaimer* Any claims of reducing, removing, or improving acne or acne scarring cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary.


How does Parfaire’s Acne Treatment work?

Whether mild, moderate or severe, Parfaire can treat a vast range of acne conditions. For moderate to severe acne conditions, we use a state-of-the art device called Fractora, which uses advanced technology to repair, rejuvenate, and clear your skin for a healthier and more youthful condition; it works wonders on acne and acne scars.*

With Fractora, energy is applied to the skin through application of RF via micro pins. Each pin gives focused and localized heat to penetrate both superficial and deep skin layers. Since Fractora utilizes RF energy rather than a monochromatic laser, it’s also safe to use on dark skin tones.*

This state-of-the-art machine then ablates (the process of reducing damaged and aged skin tissue) and eradicates damaged skin and subdermal tissue. The applied energy triggers then stimulates regeneration of collagen and elastin.*

For mild to moderate acne conditions, our signature SilkPeel advanced microdermabrasion treatment features a skin infusion of ClarityMD clinical acne solution as well as LED light therapy.*

What should I expect during my Acne Treatment?

For more aggressive treatments that require Fractora, a topical numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort. Some people may desire an additional local injection of numbing medication to further minimize discomfort.*

A series of micro-pins are then applied directly to your skin, delivering pulses of radiofrequency energy. Multiple passes are done over the treatment area. Each treatment lasts from 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the area(s) treated and energy level used. Following the procedure, it’s common to feel warm to hot sensations at the site treated, as well as some redness, swelling and microlesions which dissipate within a few days.* Please minimize sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatments.*

For milder conditions, your skin will be pampered with a 50-minute SilkPeel treatment using medical grade solutions, an LED light therapy mask and neck/shoulder massage by our talented aestheticians. This treatment is very relaxing and clinically effective at the same time.*

How does Parfaire’s Acne Treatment compare to others?

Parfaire’s most aggressive acne treatment with Fractora uses the latest generation of technology not readily available and is the most effective in the current market. It delivers the steady, optimal temperature, depth and duration with longer lasting results when compared to older CO2, Fraxel, dermal pen, and prior generation FR technologies.* And since our boutique facility has access to the most current technologies in the industry, and performed under the care of an actual doctor, you will expertly receive superior results even faster.*

For less severe cases, our highly sought after SilkPeel facial features a special diamond-tip microdermabrasion system using high-end, medical grade products only available in medical facilities, and not in most day spas.*

How soon should I see results from Parfaire’s Acne Treatment?

With both the aggressive and milder treatment services, you should almost immediately see firmer, rejuvenated, and healthier skin, with the most noticeably improvements within about two weeks or less.* 

How long does the acne scar treatment last?

Since the procedure also stimulates the natural production of elastin and collagen, your results may gradually improve over time, and may even preventing further scar formations and breakouts.*

Is there downtime with Parfaire’s Acne treatment?

For the milder SilkPeel treatment using medical grade products, there is no downtime.* Following the Fractora treatment used in more severe cases, you may experience some visible redness, swelling, and micro lesions in the area(s) treated.* Depending on your skin condition, downtime can range between 1-7 days.*

How much does Parfaire’s Acne Treatment cost?

This really depends on the condition, size of area(s) to be treated, the treatment type, and number of sessions needed to achieve desired results.* This will be discussed during your free consultation.

Why choose Parfaire for your Acne Treatment?

Parfaire will consistently provide you with an outstanding experience with optimum results during every acne treatment. The genuine care from our warm staff will be extended to you from start to finish during your customized experience at Parfaire. Delivering the best results possible is also our top priority, and we’ll be here to walk you through every step of the process and address each and every concern.* Please call, email us or book online today to arrange your complimentary consultation to discuss the best treatment options for you.

*Individual results will vary.

For less severe acne conditions, we offer SilkPeel® advanced microdermabrasion treatments, skin tightening treatments, dermal fillers, and anti-acne medical grade skin care products. Please call, email or book your free consult online to learn which of these treatments is right for you.*

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